Social Media Spanish Translation

Investing in Social Media Translation to Spanish.

How much exposure are you missing?

We read and hear every day on the internet, the news, and the blogs that social media networks are captivating millions and millions of people.
People spend several hours a day on social media platforms they visit every day. One of the most astonishing facts is as of the first quarter of 2021, Facebook is now boasting over 2.85 billion users in their social network, and if we add users of Twitter and other platforms the numbers are staggering.
If we take away the entire population of the United States, estimated at 328 million in 2021, there are still over 2.5 billion people left out there. Do you know how many of those billions of people will like to see, read, and use your content in Spanish?
Social media in Spanish will allow you to capture the Spanish-speaking audiences that are now residents in Europe and the U.S., as well as other Latino audiences that have migrated all around the world.
SpanishTech develops and translates your social media content, message, and strategies from English to Spanish or vice versa. We are resident experts with feet on the ground in both markets and with the capability to give you a presence in a localized or global matter.
Contact SpanishTech to have your bilingual communications needs including your social media in Spanish, your website in Spanish, and your SEO in Spanish taken care of.