SpanishTech LLC

Enabling Spanish Communications Solutions and Technology Integration since 1994

After pioneering, conceptualizing, and creating content management and delivery systems for Manufacturers and their Ad Agencies since 1994, Arturo Pinzón set forward to use his expertise and knowledge in a bilingual content and technology integration company.  SpanishTech LLC  was established in 2002 by Mr. Pinzón with the purpose to develop and integrate Spanish content and technology and thus facilitating Spanish and English language communications for organizations that have the need to communicate whit their customers, employees, Latin American markets, and in general with Spanish speaking individuals.
SpanishTech LLC provides Spanish and English language services to commercial, manufacturing, technical, medical, educational, service, and hospitality industries.We also collaborate with social and human services, and non for profit organizations as well.
For employee communications, we work with their human resources department creating training systems and developing communications strategies to get the message across cultural barriers . We do advertising and commercial applications with future and potential clients, business presentations of products and services, training via interactive or online e-learning systems, medical procedures, reports, and diagnostics, legal documents, contracts, agreements, depositions, website localization, search engine optimization,  and software localization.
SpanishTech LLC provides desktop services, voice overs, subtitles, and translations. We are capable of working with any format on printed, interactive, and electronic media.
SpanishTech LLC works with ad agencies, software developers, web site developers, and print shops to facilitate the presentation of your message in English and Spanish.
As far as Spanish and English communications, SpanishTech will work with any person, agency, or media to make sure your message crosses the bilingual barriers clearly, concisely, and accurately.